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The name cloud is known and known to all and it scares more than one. Without knowing it, everyone already uses the Cloud. For example, if you are an iPad or iPhone user, your data is saved on the Apple Cloud, named iCloud.

But the question is: where are my data really stored?

We have developed “the PRIVATE CLOUD”

a fully customized, privatized and secure cloud service, where the user is informed of where these data are stored (in this case on Belgian soil, which means that the Belgian law applies). Personalized support and availability in case of problems or questions

Having your private cloud, what does it mean?

  • Access to your data at any time
  • Meet the needs of your customers faster and more securely.
  • Have all the data you need on hand.


We all face the same problem; the disk space of our devices is not enough to store all our photos or data. Besides, in case of loss, theft or damage, your data is lost.

The cloud allows you, through a web interface to store on a secure external server all your files.

  1. Benefits of the Private Cloud

– No need to have a big storage space

– Access everywhere and at any time to your data.

– Backup all your data

– A security system put in place

– A manager at your service in case of problems or questions

  1. Disadvantages of the Cloud

– An internet connection is required

– Hacking: who says data in the cloud, also says that the data flows through the web. Although we work continuously on security, no one is safe from being hacked, even you, a simple user without a cloud, you are not protected from hacking.

It is therefore essential to have a BACKUP of your data. You will find all the information about back-up solution by clicking here

Speed, efficiency, responsiveness, that’s what sets you apart from others!

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