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The email has become the fastest way in terms of communication and we receive more and more.

STOP unwanted emails and unwanted ads.

Having a good anti-spam will save you time in the management of your e-mails and you will avoid that important mails mingle with unwanted mails.

How does our anti-spam work?

Email antispam filtering is the practice by which Internet service providers, webmail services and corporate IT services filter emails received on their servers before sending them to their final recipients.

The goal is to filter out commercial spam, phishing messages and other scams by email. The stakes of spam filtering are therefore related to security, the optimization of resources and comfort and gain time on the recipient side.

Depending on the actors and the nature of the suspicious messages, the latter are either directly deleted at the provider’s mail gateway or routed to the spam directory of the recipient’s mailbox. Billions of messages are filtered daily without most users being aware of it.

Email filtering techniques are varied and numerous and can be combined.

The main criteria that can be taken into account are:

– the technical configuration of the sending servers

– the reputation of servers and URLs (see filtering by reputation)

– the error rate on the addresses

– the reactions of the recipients (see behavioral filtering)

– the presence of the whitelist or blacklisted transmitter

– the content of the message (see filtering by content)

– the cleanliness of the code

– the content of the technical headers

– …

A daily mail is sent to you containing the mails that have been filtered. You will have the possibility of releasing from the quarantine list the desired mails.

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